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A range of resources for university students who want or need to learn about IP. From detailed guidance on IP law to materials designed to focus future research and answer crucial questions.

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University students who want to know how to protect their ideas, art or discoveries. From research scientists to musicians, entrepreneurs to coders, these materials explain what protection is available and how and when you can use it.

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Explore the library of materials available and find the guidance most relevant to you.

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IP Tutor

Age 18+

Higher Education

The Brief

This interactive, CPD accredited e-learning tool helps students and lecturers understand intellectual property rights i.e. trade marks, patents, copyright and designs and uses case studies to show why intellectual property is important. 

IP Tutor provides four tailored learning pathways, each adapted to suit the needs of different areas of study: creative; science, technology, engineering, maths (STEM); law, business and accounting; and humanities, including creative writing 

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