Wallace & Gromit Cracking Ideas Competition

Who's it for?

The Cracking Ideas Competition is a creative invention competition for pupils aged 5-11 years in England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland. It is open to entry from individuals, pairs or groups from schools, groups, home educators or individual entries.

The prizes

You’ll be in with the chance for Aardman to come visit you and your friends to teach you how to animate, not to mention some very special Aardman goody bags. Plus, one of the designs will be used in the next Wallace & Gromit production…

How to enter?

Using the competition entry sheet, children must visualise their designs, either as a drawing or working with other craft materials or providing a photograph, while also explaining what it does. You can register online and upload your entry to the website or send your entries in by post to Cracking Ideas, Freepost CF4185, Newport, NP10 1BF. Remember! We need you to have a look at the world around you. Imagine a cracking idea that can help get mundane jobs done quicker, better and most importantly from the comfort of a warm armchair, let’s get cracking!

*Please note that you must register in order to enter the competition

Age 5-7, Key Stage 1

Cracking Ideas 2019 - Age 5-7, Key Stage 1

Age 8-11, Key Stage 2

Cracking Ideas 2019 - Age 8-11, Key Stage 2

Show us your idea!

You have completed your lesson plan and are ready to upload it and show it off.